Welcome to the HCPS Parent Satisfaction Survey!

We want to know what you, the parents, think about your child's school and the school system as a whole. Based on your feedback regarding the survey last year, we have updated the survey. By completing this survey, you can provide the school and school system important information about how it can improve your child's educational experience. This survey is voluntary, but your input is greatly appreciated as it helps to improve our schools.

This survey should take approximately five minutes to complete and one survey should be completed for EACH child who attends a Harford County Public School.  Thank you very much for your input.

Please select the school your child attends:

  Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Does Not Apply/Don't Know
I feel welcome in my child's school.
I know how to contact someone at school when I have questions and concerns.
There is an adult at the school whom my child trusts and can go to for help with a school problem.
The school has high academic expectations for my child.
My child's school keeps me informed about my child's academic progress.
My child's school keeps me informed about my child's behavioral progress.
My child is safe at school.
My child's school is clean.